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Opechee Trading Post is a web site dedicated to anything related to fly fishing. We offer reviews and links to all the best fly fishing reels, rods, supplies and any other equipment just to satisfy all of your fly fishing needs. Every day is a fly fishing day.

We try to list everything that the fly fishing enthusiast would ever need, and at most competitive prices available.

A lifelong New Hampshire native, Jim has raised his family and resided in New Hampshire’s beautiful Lakes Region since 1970. Being born into a family of avid sportsmen, Jim has been blessed with a lifetime of fishing, hunting, and boating in New Hampshire and beyond. A jack-of-trades, Jim’s life and business experiences are now blended into this wonderful little sporting goods store.

Kidding aside, you have entered into Jim’s world of quality fly fishing equipment, blended with an array of unique antique and sporting collectibles, and top-notch brands of canoes and kayaks; located on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee’s Opechee Bay.

The Opechee Trading Post was founded in 1945 by Merton and Barbara Cotton and had operated continuously since then until Barbara’s passing in 2005 at age 96. God bless her, she always let me fish for salmon from her dock. With utmost respect to the founders,the Trading Post is one of the oldest sporting goods stores, and continuing trade names in New Hampshire.

In addition to quality goods, we specialize in knowledgeable and quality sporting services. Enjoy navigating the website and the region. I look forward to meeting you at the Trading Post!

Fly Fishing – Fly fishing off the dock of Opechee Trading Post

The Trading Post is a well stocked full service fly shop. For more than 60 years we have provided fly fishermen and women and fly tyers in the region with quality goods and services at a fair price.


As an authorized fly fishing dealer the Trading Post carries the full line of fly fishing rods, reels, lines, waders and accessories. Check out the award-winning zero gravity rods, a culmination of 150 years of fly-rod-building knowledge, a Vermont made masterpiece. Also in stock, the new Superfine Trout Bum rods, the rod of choice for wild trout on small streams. Match it up with our best-selling large arbor Battenkill reel…so sweet!

As a fly fishing Pro-Shop, we carry the full line of fly fishing rods, reels, lines and accessories. We are a mainstay in the fly fishing industry, provides some of the finest tackle ever built, and at a working man’s prices. Come and check out the Endurance series of 4-piece rods and large arbor reels. A delightful, well-balanced, and complete package at only $239.95. And also in stock the new Endurance cassette reels- an incredible value at $99.95!

Opechee Trading Post stocks the full line of fly fishing rods, still painstakingly handmade in Vermont. From the Classic Trout rod to the sweet little 6 1/2′, 3-weight diamond-fly on the rack, these rods are a joy to handle. The cane bamboo rod, in 7′, 4-weight is currently in stock.

The Opechee Trading Post is also a dealer of Best Saltwater Spinning Reels. Come by to check them out!

We are now carrying the full line of Beulah Switch Rods. Cast this beauty either one-handed or two-handed. At 10’6″ long, you will be amazed at the ease of gaining considerable distance, available in weights 4/5 through 10/11, and with a lifetime warranty.

The Trading Post carries a full line of fly fishing accessories by Cortland, Rivendell, Orvis and others. Most fly lines in stock, a great selection of tools and gadgets; the full line of “Climax” leader material; a great selection of how-to and related books, reels, creels, fly boxes, nets, float tubes etc, etc.

“Got Flies?”


Oh yes, we have flies- hundreds of dozens of them. Most popular trout and salmon patterns are always in stock. Our selection includes flies imported by Turrall, Orvis, Cortland, Riverborn, OTP and a gaggle of local tyers who do very fine work. Also, the Trading Post stocks a premium selection of saltwater flies.

Opechee Trading Post also specializes in Sporting Collectibles. We offer quality “used” and collectible fly fishing rods, reels, and equipment. Check out Sporting Collectibles for more detail.

From entry-level fly fishing outfits for under a hundred bucks, to the very best for the most discriminating fly-fisher, Opechee Trading Post can accommodate all your fly fishing needs.

Outdoor sportsmen and women have been in pursuit of fish and game in the wilds for centuries.

In our endeavor, we have left behind a collection of lures, baits, tackle, weapons, gear and other contraptions that would assist us in taking our quarry.

Near and dear to the hearts of so many, these unique items always have been, and still are, very collectible.

Why do we collect this stuff? Some folks would rather catch a nice fat brook trout on Grandpa’s little 2-weight bamboo rod than on a new graphite.

Some folks remember well, that willow creel that was filled with trout when the boys came home from fishing… and now it hangs on the den wall, with greens and bass plugs dangling out of it.

Those carved duck decoys on the mantle that have been handed down through the generations… they’re always beautiful, and sometimes very valuable.

At Opechee Trading Post we love these treasures. To visit the Trading Post is to take a step back in time. Many folks liken it to shopping in a museum.

Opechee Trading Post has hundreds of antique and collectible sporting items in stock. We trade, buy and sell vintage and contemporary collectibles on a daily basis.

Please come in for a visit, and have a look around. If you have any old sporting items for sale, please bring them along. We offer free appraisals, liberal trades, and/or cash purchase.

And you just may fall in love with something to help decorate your cabin or living room.